Adios Day winners circle live stream kicks off at 11:15

Fort Washington, PA — While Saturday’s $375,000 final of the Delvin Miller Adios Pace for the Orchids is set for approximately 4:02 PM, the Adios Day celebration kicks off at 11:15 AM with the Meadows Standardbred Owners Association (MSOA) live stream from The Meadows winners’ circle.

The live stream, which will feature celebrity guests, is available on the MSOA Facebook and YouTube pages.

In addition, the MSOA will over free Adios Day programs and a virtual hat contest (sponsored by Altmeyer Wilder Racing) with a $250 top prize. Visit for your free program or to enter the chapeau competition. 

The Adios, which goes as race 15, will feature a special Super Hi-5 wager with a $50,000 guarantee. Moreover, the entire pool will be paid out.

Ordinarily, the Super Hi-5 jackpot is paid only if there is a single correct ticket with the top five finishers in their exact order of finish.  However, The Adios Super Hi-5 pool will be split among all those with correct tickets. The last time The Meadows offered a mandatory Super Hi-5 payout, players bet so enthusiastically that the pool exceeded $300,000 and provided a healthy return for all winning ticketholders.

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