Adoption special at SRF until Dec. 24

Cream Ridge, NJ — The Standardbred Retirement Foundation is offering an adoption special on its horses, just a $350 fee, and companions have no fee at all. There are a handful of exceptions, but 95 percent of the more than 350 horses are included in this special.

SRF has made more than 4,000 adoptions, is a 30-year-old organization, and remains the guardian of every horse in its program for life. The Standardbred is known as the “Brainiac Breed.” They are smart, willing, have super temperaments, are very well mannered, learn quickly, and try so hard to please.

SRF horses are adopted for trails, English and Western pleasure and competition, barrel racing, Gymkhana, therapeutic programs, as police mounts, and for every other discipline of riding and driving there is. To add to the fun, they will pull a sleigh and may even deliver Santa to you.

Get your application in today at, get approved quickly and have some fun. Nearly every Standardbred already drives so get your sleigh ready for the holidays.

For information, please contact the office at 609.738.3255, or via email at

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