Brittany Farms introduces enhanced website

Versailles, KY — Brittany Farms, which launched one of the harness racing industry’s first websites nearly three decades ago, announces a newly redesigned site unveiled just this week.

The website, with the same domain name——incorporates much of the look of the acclaimed previous site, but offers modern enhancements that makes it more compatible and easily viewed across all devices and platforms—desktops, tablets and cellphones alike.

The new site was designed and coordinated by Greg Schuler Interactive and implemented by the team at ELink Design in Lexington, Ky.

“We were often told that our ‘old’ website was one of the industry’s finest and best looking, so it wasn’t an easy decision to say ‘go ahead and redo it,’” said farm manager Art Zubrod.

“But tech moves forward, and after seeing all the improvements, both visible and in the content management system that drives it all, I’m thrilled with how it looks and operates.”

Along with the yearling, broodmare and stallion information that has long been a staple, the new site offers reformatted, up-to-date farm news and a historically useful “Hall of Fame” and “Millionaires Row,” among other pertinent sections.

“A company’s website is often the main channel of communication between it and potential customers, and we’re pleased to make that connection better than ever,” Zubrod said.

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