California horsemen to show support for Steve Wiseman

Sacramento, CA — They say cancer has no friends, but in the case of Steve Wiseman that is not the case. The longtime California horseman has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

To say that the Cal Expo horsemen were devastated to hear this news is an understatement. With the horse community being as tight as it is, the news spread across the country and into Canada in one day with horsemen rallying to support Steve and his wife of 20 years, Kathie Plested.

Steve, Kathie and their daughter Tyler run the largest stable in California during the winter and at Running Aces in Minnesota during the summer. Stevie, as he is known to many, has touched the hearts of horsemen wherever he goes. He is one of the “Good Guys.” Whether to help a family ship a groom home who just passed away, to a shipper, away from home offering a Christmas dinner. Or rallying to help support a trainer who lost everything to a barn fire to a driver who was in a bad accident. Stevie has opened his heart to many.

One of the top drivers and respected horsemen in California and Minnesota for many years will now be racing one of the toughest races of his life. But with family and the hundreds of friends behind him with the love and support he can win this race.

The California horsemen at Cal Expo this weekend will be sporting the Wiseman colors of blue, yellow and white to show support and stand behind their beloved horseman and friend.

We at Cal Expo ask the horsemen and fans to stand with us to show support by wearing his colors this weekend.

Megan Beauchamp has graciously offered to sell t-shirts via Facebook with the motto Wiseman Strong, Whatever It Takes logo with all proceeds going to the Wiseman family to help with the medical costs. Wristbands are also being sold on Facebook in order to help the family as well.

A gofundme account has also been set up and anyone wanting to donate can go to

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