Fourteen trotters entered in the Prix de Belgique Sunday at Vincennes

The final count down has 14 trotters entered in the Prix de Belgique Sunday (Jan. 13) afternoon at Vincennes.

The last of the four open qualification races for the Prix d’Amerique is the Prix de Belgique.

The first three finishers will qualify for the Prix d’Amerique, however, no less than seven, which is half the field on Sunday, are already qualified from earlier races.

It will be quite an interesting race, as Jean Michel Bazire has decided to race Belina Josselyn without four shoes for the first time since June last year and she will be the likely favorite.

The defending Prix d’Amerique-winner, Readly Express driven by Björn Goop, will race with all four shoes on, but he also did that when he was second to Bold Eagle beaten in a tight finish in the Prix de Bourgogne a fortnight ago.

The distance in the Prix de Belgique is 2850 meters tape start – 150 meters farther than the Prix d’Amerique.

Here is the start list for the race, which is carded as the fifth race Sunday at 9:50 a.m. (EST)

1. Day or Night In (SE) – Matthieu Abrivard
2. Bahia Quesnot (FR) – Junior Guelpa
3. Eridan (FR) – Eric Raffin
4. Cash Gamble (SE) – Franck Nivard
5. Davidson du Pont (FR)  – Franck Ouvrie
6. Delia du Pommereux (FR)  – Damien Bonne
7. Charly du Noyer (FR)  – Yoann Lebourgeois
8. Uza Josselyn (DK) – Gabriele Gelormini
9. Carat Williams (FR) – David Thomain
10. Valko Jenilat (FR) – Francois Lagadeuc
11. Belina Josselyn (FR) – Jean Michel Bazire
12. Billie de Montfort (FR) – Pierre Yves Verva
13. Readly Express (SE) – Björn Goop
14. Bird Parker (FR)  – Jean Philippe Monclin

Horses in bold are already qualified to the Prix d’Amerique.

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