HHYF Activity Box 4 complete

Anderson, IN — The fourth activity box created by the Harness Horse Youth Foundation is now complete. Orders may be placed here. Deadline for orders of individual boxes or this series of four boxes is Sept. 15.

“Each box has been filled with unique content and our ‘agribusiness’ themed one is special because it allows for some free-thinking activities; there are two contests — one for writing and one for art as well as the opportunity to design your own barn on paper. There is also a bag full of yarn to represent actual lengths of the digestive systems of horses and humans and our 2020 edition of HARNESS HEROES trading cards and our Careers In Harness Racing booklet too,” explained Executive Director Ellen Taylor.

“Our team of creators has made our ‘covid lemonade’ extremely well. This summer could have been a complete disappointment but instead we made some great progress in figuring out new ways to present our educational mission about harness racing.

“Now we have set our sights on how to best use these alternative learning activities so more young people can benefit. In trying to find our new normal, we may have discovered an even better platform for those who may not be able to attend our summer hands-on programs.”

For further information about HHYF or the boxes, please visit www.hhyf.org or call 317.908.0029.

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