Horse Lovers United concludes third annual Standardbred Makeover

from Horse Lovers United

Salisbury, MD — Horse Lovers United Inc. recently concluded their third annual Standardbred Makeover with competition taking place at Pairadice Equestrian LLC in Milton, Del.

A large crowd was in attendance to cheer for these retired from racing Standardbreds: Allaboutbeni, Manny Hax, Sears Tower, and Weapons Dealer.

Melanie Gravenor of Still Meadow Farms in Salisbury, Md., was the judge. Melanie is very familiar with Standardbreds and adopted an unraced one several years ago. There is also one currently boarded at her farm, who is available for adoption, by the name of Armbro Dunbar, aka Tarzan.

Everybody at the Makeover was a winner.

HLU photo

Sears Tower, aka Korra, trained by Brielle Roman, was named “Best English Pleasure Potential.”

Weapons Dealer, trained by Camille Kierstead (Pairadice Equestrian LLC) won the category of “Best All Around.” Sears Tower, aka Korra, trained by Brielle Roman, was named “Best English Pleasure Potential.” Manny Hax excelled in two areas — “most willing partner” and had “the best canter on a Standardbred.” Manny Hax was trained by Dale Guyette, with assistant trainer and rider, Christina Thomas. Allaboutbeni, also trained by Camille Kierstead, was “the judge’s favorite.”

The number one performance was the vaulting routine by Camille, with both horses. That performance earned Camille the top prize of a quarter sheet by Horseware, generously donated by Two Old Mares Blanket Service. Everybody competing received ribbons, trophies, and prizes.

After the Makeover competition, several Standardbred pleasure horse owners demonstrated the skills of their horses. Brielle Roman, riding Shakebabyshake, received a trophy for their efforts. Baby competes in shows as “Plug In Baby.” Allaboutbeni and Sears Tower competed at the National Standartdbred Show in New Jersey. They have already been adopted and Weapons Dealer’s adoption is in the process. An application to adopt Manny Hax can be requested through Standardbred Retirement Foundation. Videos of Manny jumping are also available.

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