ID Technician at Morrisville Yearling Sale for microchipping

Columbus, OH – Attention all horsemen headed to the Morrisville Yearling Sale at the SUNY-Morrisville Equine Institute in New York this weekend. If you buy a horse that is not yet microchipped, USTA ID Technician Stephane Bouchard will be available at the sale to do the implant.

An example of what a microchipped horse states on Pathway.

Horses can be done while still on the premises Sunday, September 15, for a special $30 rate. Call Stephane at 914.656.0869 to set-up a time before you ship out. Credit card payments can be made at time of implant.

All horses that are currently freeze branded or tattooed must be microchipped by the time they race for the first time in 2021. To see if your horse is microchipped, utilize the Free Horse ID Search on the USTA website. The absence of the Microchip No./Location line in the results indicates a horse is not yet implanted.

For more information about the sale, visit the Morrisville Sale website.

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