It’s Doug McNair versus Louis Philippe Roy in Ben Hur Cup II

Trois-Rivieres, QC — The Quebec Jockey Club has announced that this year’s Ben Hur Cup II driver challenge will be Ontario versus Quebec as harness racing driving stars Doug McNair and Louis Philippe Roy will compete at the Hippodrome 3R on Sunday (June 23).

Last year, the inaugural Ben Hur Cup featured Sylvain Filion defeating Roy in the very last race of the competition. The tournament takes place in eight races and the drivers get to select which horse they drive in each of the races. They must also select horses by post position so that they have one drive from all eight posts.

It’s a winner-take-all prize of C$3,000 that goes to the winner of the Ben Hur Cup II.

“Since the competition is keeping the same process as last year,” Roy said, “it’s hard to try to pick a competitive horse from every post position. That makes this great tournament so challenging!”

Roy was quick to fire off the first salvo to McNair.

“Dougie can be very sulky when I beat him on the golf course or on the racetrack,” laughed Roy. “So, I’ll try to keep him in the competition until the very last races. That way he’ll be nice to be around for the early part of the race card!”

“The only time Louie beats me in golf,” McNair said, “is when we play a foursome and he brings a partner that plays well.”

Will being at Roy’s home track for the Ben Hur Cup II be a big advantage for him over McNair?

“I think that if Doug stays focused,” Roy said, “the fact that it’s my home track won’t make a big difference, but that’s if and only if he stays focused.”

“I don’t mind coming for competitions like this,” McNair added. “I know Louie will be the fan favorite, it’s his hometown. But I can tell you that he will not have any of Richard Moreau’s horses to drive, so he cannot look for any help there.

“I know that last year, Sylvain Filion beat him pretty good. He made him look like a rookie at the end of the day.”

Being back home in Quebec for the Ben Hur Cup II, Roy already has plans for celebrating.

“I plan to celebrate my win in the Ben Hur Cup by going to Quebec City over the night as it is Quebec National Day on Monday (June 24),” Roy explained. “And they will have concerts and other special events on Sunday night. I don’t know how Doug is going to try to forget his loss.”

The post position draw for the Sunday (June 23) Ben Hur Cup II races takes place on Wednesday (June 19). For more information, visit

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