Longtime friend of SRF wins raffle

Cream Ridge, NJ —¬†When the Standardbred Retirement Foundation opens its daily mail, many names are recognized and we say, “Oh, Mrs. So and So, Mr. SO and So, so nice. When the winner of the Elitlopp and Disney raffle was drawn yesterday, his name was very familiar and why not, Mr. Bob Uhl from Saratoga, N.Y., was the lucky guy and we all know his name,” shared Tammy Cailliau of SRF’s staff.

Mr. Uhl has been a friend to SRF’s horses for decades. This was the first time he had won something in his life and he was very excited about it.

“I love what you guys do, these horses are everything,” he shared.

After a full explanation of his choice of trips, without taking a breath, he said,”Can I donate it back?” Right now a gift like this makes a world of difference, and holding back happy emotional tears, SRF was surprised and ecstatic to receive it.

SRF is very grateful to Mr. Uhl, to everyone for their support of this fundraiser, and to the Arch Madness family for their generous annual sponsorship in memory of Arch. This puts a whole lot of feed bags in the barn and packs the hayloft so every morning those hungry whinnies are answered. It’s how the mission keeps going.

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