Meadowlands to provide New Jersey State required COVID-19 test

East Rutherford, NJ — The State of New Jersey protocol requires all employees and horsemen to complete this mandatory COVID-19 test before returning to work.

Begin by clicking on the link provided below which will lead to a televisit with a doctor where you will receive a date, time and location to be tested. Be advised that there may be a four to five day lead time from making the appointment and getting your result.

All horsemen are required to have this test prior to racing at The Meadowlands on June 5.

Meadowlands Racetrack has set up testing for COVID-19 for all employees returning to work. Testing is also provided for all NJRC licensed horsemen and state officials.

Dates of Testing: Open Every day
Time: 9 a.m.–2 p.m.
Place: After Televisit, you will receive an email and SMS with date, time, and location of testing.

Procedures as follows:
• Pre-registration required for COVID-19 Screening:
• Registration includes:
o Name as it appears on your photo ID
o Date of birth
o Address
o Copy of your State ID (drivers license preferable)
 If you do not have a drivers license, your state issued NJRC license should suffice
o Copy of your Insurance Card
• Employees will not be responsible for any out of pocket costs. All expenses for COVID testing are covered by insurance or if you do not have insurance, these expenses will be covered by the State.
• Appointment is for Virtual Telehealth Visit with Provider for initial screening. Once screening is complete, you will receive a date, time, and location for testing via SMS and e-mail.
• On-site Drive Thru Test Site Instructions
o Please follow signs to COVID/Agile testing and line up as instructed
o Stay in your car
o Only employee/horsemen allowed
o Two person max per vehicle
o Keep your windows rolled up until you are asked by the technician to roll them down
o Have your photo ID and insurance card readily available
o ID is mandatory
• Follow technician instructions
• Once test is complete, roll up your window and leave the testing area
• Test results will be provided to you as well as our Medical department

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