Meadows to introduce 50 cent minimums on all Pick-3, Pick-4 wagers

by Evan Pattak, for the Meadows

Washington, PA — The Meadows Racetrack & Casino announced today that, effective July 2, it will lower the minimum bet on all Pick-3 and Pick-4 wagers to 50 cents from the current $1.

In addition, the track will introduce a second Pick-4 on each card and eliminate the 50-50/Pick 5 wager.

The changes are pending approval by the Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission, which will be considered later this month.

The track will continue to offer 50 cent minimums on all superfectas, which are available on all races with at least eight wagering interests (with the exception of races that kick off Pick-4s). Thus, beginning July 2, on a typical 15-race card, bettors will enjoy 50 cent minimums on two Pick-4s, four Pick-3s and as many as 13 superfectas.

“Our fans have responded favorably to our 50 cent minimums for superfectas,” said Mike Jeannot, president of Meadows Racing. “Extending that lower entry level to Pick-3s and Pick-4s will invigorate those wagers, make them more accessible to our players and provide more fans with the excitement of live tickets.”

Under Pennsylvania law, the minimum bet on any race, regardless of entry level, is $2. For that reason, any Pick-3, Pick-4 or superfecta player must bet at least four combinations at 50 cents to meet the legal requirement.

The final card for the 50-50/Pick 5 will be Wednesday (June 27), when the wager will carry a mandatory payout.

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