Michigan seeking Gaming Control Board Department Specialist

Detroit, MI — The Michigan Gaming Control Board is seeking a Gaming Control Board Specialist.

Job Description

This position serves as the professional specialist for horse track operations, licensing and veterinarian operations for Horse Racing.  This position is solely responsible for the reviewing and analyzing all program operations, including the track, licensing and veterinarian operations on an on-going basis and recommend modifications and improvements of policies and procedures to increase program efficiency and effectiveness and the applicant investigative reports and day-to-day track operations.  Additionally, this position will also be the specialist for the Equine Drug Testing program.
Position Description

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Certain positions may be assigned subclass codes and individuals appointed must possess the required specialized experience.

Required Education and Experience

Possession of a bachelor’s degree in any major.

Four years of professional experience, including two years equivalent to the experienced (P11) level or one year equivalent to the advanced (12) level.

Additional Requirements and Information

**** REQUIRED INFORMATION:  Employment in the state classified service demands a high degree of loyalty and imposes high ethical standards on employees to ensure the integrity of state government and maintain effective services. All employees must meet these ethical standards and all appointing authorities are obligated to enforce these ethical standards. As part of this effort all employees are required to report any possible conflict of interest,  please review the information and be prepared to respond to questions related to the information in your application.  Ethical Standards and Conduct   (Note: you do not need to fill out the form)

Failure to attach a cover letter, resume, and a copy of your official college transcripts may result in you being eliminated from consideration. Click here to view the State of Michigan definition of an Official Transcript. (Download PDF reader)

Click below to review applicable policies and requirements:

Conflict of Interest

Prohibited Gaming Related Activities

Michigan Gaming Control & Revenue Act Employment Requirements

The Board also conducts a credit check, personal reference screening and criminal background check, including fingerprints, on all Board employees.

Special Requirements, Licenses, and Certifications Equivalent combinations of nonprofessional experience, identified by the appointing authority and approved by Civil Service that are represented by subclass codes, will be accepted for classified, professional experience equivalent to the P11-level and above. The nonprofessional experience must be related to departmental programs and services that provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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