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Columbus, OH — Trainers have come to rely on Online Entry through their USTA MyAccount to enter nearly 1.6 million horses in the five years it has been available. This week the USTA launched a new feature so horsemen can see the last noted record of a Coggins test, Lasix list and vaccinations while dropping a horse in the box.

Once a horse is selected to ‘Drop in the Box,’ the screen comes up with all the available condition sheets and races for the tracks selected to view. In the upper third of the screen, a box includes the wins, earnings, etc. for the horse’s last x-number of starts as well as year-to-date and lifetime information. Towards the bottom of that box, a trainer can now view the last recorded Coggins test, as well as when the horse was put on the Lasix list and vaccine dates, such as for Rabies, EHV/Rhino, West Nile and others as entered by the tracks.

In this same box, you can also view your horse’s TrackMaster rating, which is updated daily at 5 a.m. Pacific Time.

If you are a current USTA member that is licensed as a trainer and don’t have a USTA MyAccount, set one up at using your USTA number, first and last name and zip code; having all this information will link your USTA membership to your MyAccount. You must have a valid email address to set up a MyAccount. After you have set up a user name and password, check your inbox for an email with a verification code.

For any questions about setting up a USTA MyAccount or using Online Entry, please contact USTA Member Services at 877.800.8782.

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