NYPD adopts SRF horse

Cream Ridge, NJ — The life of Czech This Name, a son of Apaches Fame, is a testament to the Standardbred Retirement Foundation’s program design.

In 2015 this gelding was tagged to ship for slaughter until the SRF stepped in to help him. In rough shape, hungry and banged up, this gentle horse spent several months in rehabilitation until he was bright and and full of life again. Soon after he was adopted by a family in Kentucky for their young daughters.

Like most youngsters, the time comes to head off to college and some families are not willing to continue to care for the horses. Because SRF never relinquishes ownership, or permits the sale or transfer of an adopted horse, putting it back at risk and requires their adopted horses to come back to the program, this guy had a safe second round at life.

SRF is beaming over the New York City Police Department Mounted Unit’s adoption choice. Czech This Name left for a noble life!

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