Pandolfo’s Picks: January 12 Meadowlands

Pandy’s Meadowlands $0.50 cent Late Pick 4 (15% takeout, guaranteed $50,000 pool) Saturday, January 12

I had the winners of the first three races on top, but missed the 11th Race, minus $16.00 last night. Winter Meet record, three Pick 4’s, 0 winners, three losers, minus $36.00

Tonight’s tickets:

$0.50 cent play: 1457/27/4579/5 = $16.00


Race 8: This is a wide open race and I put a longshot, Whittaker N, on top, but in the Pick 4 I’m going to use all four of my listed contenders, 1, 4, 5, 7.

Race 9: The two obvious horses here are my top pick, That’s My Opinion, a horse that likes this track and is dropping, and Siskel, another horse that is dropping down.

Race 10: This is a pretty wide open race. I put potential price play Olde Broadside on top after he rallied wide off of dull cover in last, but I’m using four, 4, 5, 7, 9.

Race 11: Pretty Boy Hill may be over bet here but I don’t see much in this race and I’m going to single him.

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