Pre-order your 2020 Stakes Guide

Columbus, OH — With the February & March 15 staking deadlines looming closer, the USTA is now taking pre-orders for the 2020 Stakes Guide.

The Stakes Event Guide has the upcoming 2020 race schedule, as submitted by tracks and race sponsors, listed chronologically by age, sex and gait. It also includes 2019 race results for features races, including purses, number of divisions and fastest win time.

The Stakes Condition Booklet is an alphabetical listing of race conditions, with open and state restricted stakes sorted alphabetically, followed by conditions for many of the continents early and late closers, also sorted alphabetically. An index in the back will help you find the early or late closer at the track you want to race at.

Also available for purchase is a 2020 Calendar, with colorful images, race dates, sale dates and helpful USTA closure dates and deadlines. The calendar runs February 2020-February 2021.

You can order all three publications in the USTA store or through your USTA MyAccount by clicking Online Services.

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