Roosevelt Raceway Captured in Photos is introduced

The Roosevelt Raceway Legends website has recently added a new weekly publication called ‘Roosevelt Raceway Captured in Photos.’

Each week a new issue will be published that will include 50-70 pictures (some that have never been published before) along with Roosevelt Raceway race videos that will be made available to subscribers and posted on several social media sites.

Also this week the Roosevelt Raceway Legends site added harness driver Eddie Lohmeyer to its list of Roosevelt Raceway driving legends that include Billy Haughton, Stanley Dancer, Herve Filion, Buddy Gilmour, Mike Lachance, Benny Webster, Del Insko and several other great drivers of the former racetrack.

The Roosevelt Raceway Legends website is managed by the Harness Racing Alumni Association. For more information, click here.

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