SRF update on horses in need

Cream Ridge, NJ — Only 13 of 35 trotters and pacers tagged to ship to slaughter have safe homes to go to. Twenty-one are still in great need and will be shipped to the Mexican and Canadian slaughterhouses if homes or other organizations do not help by Friday (Jan. 18) at 4 p.m.

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation will do all it can to help, but taking in more horses at this time will weigh further on its financial burden with 378 trotters and pacers under its expense and care. Help is needed now.

The mare in foal due in April, Funny Girl, is safe with home offers which will be worked out once the crisis is over.

Any of the horses can be paid for and homed directly or through the help of SRF or SOSS; go to the SOSS page on Facebook for information or message them through Facebook. You can also contact SRF directly, via email to, or call 609.738.3255 to offer a home or make a donation. SRF asks for help from other organizations but they must have a strict and active policy of lifetime follow-up.

These horses are in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Kansas.

Tax-deductible donations can be made on our website at or via Paypal. For questions, please call Tammy at 609.738.3255.

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