Top French sire Ready Cash in high demand in Sweden

At the Swedish International Yearling Sale, held at the Wenngarn Castle near Stockholm Tuesday (Aug. 13), the French champion sire Ready Cash once again proved to be very popular.

Six of the 10 most expensive yearlings were sired by Ready Cash.

The sales topper was a colt, Klondike River (Ready Cash-First Out by Lemon Dra), who sold for 1.8 Mio SEK or $188,500 to trainer Peter Untersteiner.

The second-highest price of 1.6 Mio SEK or $167,600 was paid by the powerful Courant Stable for a Father Patrick colt, Mesmerize’em.

Muscle Hill had four yearlings at the sale. The highest price among this quartet was $136,200 paid for the colt Ready For Party.

The average price dropped by eight percent from last year to $38,816.

A stallion share in Father Patrick was sold for $88,000, while a share in Trixton sold for $25,000.

Full results from the sale can be found at this link.

The 10 most expensive yearlings:

1. Klondyke River (Ready Cash–First Out), colt, Untersteiner Training AB, $188,500
2. Mesmerize’em (Father Patrick–Face’em), filly, Stall Courant, $167,600
3. Don’taskdon’ttell (Maharajah–Quiteanotherfillyry), colt, Roger Walmann, $146,600
4. Ready For Party (Muscle Hill–Fleetfoot Hanover), colt, Conrad Lugauer, $136,200
5t. Mister Invictus (Ready Cash–Vanity Matters), colt, Timo Nurmos, $125,700
5t. Invader Am (Muscle Hill–Vladzia Mauzun), colt, JP Barjon, $125,700
7. Månskenskavaljeren (Ready Cash–Dyhim Boko), colt, Stall Courant, $115,200
8t. All In Sox (Ready Cash–Dicey Spicey), colt, Geir Vegard Gundersen, $104,700
8t. Luca Vialli Boko (Ready Cash–Giudy Stra), colt, Philip Konsulting HB, $104,700
10. Lucky Flevo (Ready Cash–Mayenne), colt, Joel Seche, $99,500

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