Two national brands to sponsor RUS NY Fair Series

by CJ Millar, Horsefly Group

Monticello, NY — The 2014 Fair Series to be held at fairs across New York State, organized by RUS NY in conjunction with flagship sponsor New York Sire Stakes, has announced the series sponsors.

Two nationally recognized brands have signed on as series sponsors to support RUS as a sport, and promote the RUS NY 2014 Fair Series. Through the Rehydrate & Recover program, their products work together to help equestrian athletes rehydrate after a workout and recover faster to be able to perform better in future competitions.

Draper Therapies makes therapeutic equine, canine, and people products. Their fabric includes Celliant, which is the world’s most technologically advanced fiber. You can read more about Celliant as well as view the three independent studies done on the technology here.

Horse Quencher is a mix of all natural grains and flavorings that, when added to water, make horses eagerly drink. You can read more about Horse Quencher on the Horse Quencher website.

These national brands will bring a heightened sense of awareness to the sport, as well as cross-promote the RUS series and race sponsors on their own social networks, blogs, and across the web.

There is also the opportunity for local, regional, and national businesses to become a race sponsor for the 2014 series, to help promote RUS as well as to gain exposure for their company. Benefits vary by level of sponsorship, and include mention in fair programs, across the web, and ongoing mention in all publications online and off — including social, blogging, press releases and in the winner’s circle at the conclusion of each race.

All RUS NY marketing, including promotion for the 2014 Fair Series and all sponsorship packages, is being handled by Horsefly Group, an international marketing agency with expertise in the equestrian sporting world. This will offer sponsors the opportunity to get additional exposure through packages that include marketing above and beyond traditional purse sponsorships. Horsefly Group’s digital director, CJ Millar, is also the marketing director for RUS NY, and a licensed RUS rider as well as an avid equestrian. All sponsorship inquiries can be directed to her at or 973.626.3673.

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