Updated USTA rule book is available

Columbus, OH – The 2021 updated version of the U. S. Trotting Association’s rule book is available now on the USTA website by clicking here. In addition, in the coming weeks it will also be available via the USTA Rule Book App on Apple iTunes and in Google Play stores by searching “USTrotting.”

Printed copies of the book may be requested by contacting memberservices@ustrotting.com.

Following are highlights of the new rules in the updated 2021 Rule Book:

• The failure to report the nerving or spaying/neutering of a horse to the USTA by an owner or his or her authorized agent within 30 days of the procedure or prior to declaring a horse to race or entered into a public sale may result in a fine.

• A change to the name of a previously approved sulky is now required to be reported to the USTA within 90 days.  Failure to do so shall result in a fine.

• “Whip Regulations/Prohibitions,” formerly Rules 18.08-18.10, have been replaced by “Urging Regulations, Prohibitions and Penalties,” Rule 18.08.  The new rule includes an updated schedule for fines and suspensions for violations.

The entire list of adopted rule changes, which became effective on May 1, 2021 may be found here.

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