USTA at Ohio Selected Jug Sale

Columbus, OH — The USTA will be set up at the Ohio Selected Jug Sale Friday (Sept. 13) at the Brave Horse Show Park in Johnstown, Ohio.

Member services representatives will be available to process ownership transfers, memberships and Hoof Beats subscriptions, and conduct any other USTA business. Assistance in setting up a USTA MyAccount is also available so members can access Seller Signatures (for when a horse is consigned to a participating sale), Owner’s Dashboard (free program pages for horses you own) and so much more.

For horses purchased at the sale that do not yet have a microchip, they can be done while still on the premises for a special $30 rate; stop by the USTA table near the sales office to set-up a time before you ship out. All horses that are currently freeze branded or tattooed must be microchipped by the time they race for the first time in 2021. To see if your horse is microchipped, utilize the Free Horse ID Search on the USTA website. The absence of the Microchip No./Location line in the results indicates a horse is not yet implanted.

Select books and logo items will be available for sale, as well as microchip scanners. Acceptable means of payment include cash, check and credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express).

For more information about the sale, visit their website.

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