USTA seeks rule change proposals

Columbus, OH — The U. S. Trotting Association is making its annual petition to the membership to submit rule change proposals to the organization on issues that they believe need to be addressed or modified. Industry participants and racing fans are always coming up with ideas to make the sport better, whether it be by casual conversation, posts on social media or calls made to various organizations, including the USTA.

Do you have a suggestion for a rule change? Is there something occurring in the industry that you feel needs addressed? Now is your time to act and start the process of a rule change proposal.

How do you go about it?

First, anyone submitting a rule change proposal must have current USTA membership. Don’t have a USTA membership? No problem — you may download the application for new membership here.

Next, review the current edition of the USTA Rule Book to determine the rule to which your rule change proposal is referring. If a current rule doesn’t apply, become familiar with which Rule Book section the proposed rule change would fall under.

Complete the USTA Rule Change Proposal Form here.

Under the section titled “Recommended Rule Change/Addition/Deletion,” cite the current rule, if applicable, with the detailed change clearly identifiable.

Under “Justification for Change,” address the following:

• The specific problem or concern relating to the proposed change
• The individual(s) or group(s) that the proposed change will affect
• Explain how the proposed change will fix the issue, or how it will benefit the industry
• Consider possible drawbacks to the proposed change
• Provide supporting information or statistics, if appropriate

All submitted rule change proposals will be presented at each of the 13 annual district meetings. USTA members in attendance at those meetings will review and vote to provide recommendations on each, to be submitted to the full Board of Directors at its annual meeting where the final decisions on rule change proposals are made.

Have additional questions or need help in coming up with appropriate language for a rule change? We’re here to help. Contact T.C. Lane at or Michele Kopiec at

Rule change proposals must be submitted no later than Monday (Aug. 31) to: the U.S. Trotting Association, 6130 S. Sunbury Rd., Westerville, OH 43081, or 844.229.1338 (fax).

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