Winbak Farm videos for Lexington Yearling Sale posted

Chesapeake City, MD — Winbak Farm will be selling 96 yearlings in the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale on Oct. 5-9.

Winbak’s Lexington lineup videos are now posted. Please visit and click on an individual yearling’s hip number to watch yearling videos.

Winbak’s sale lineup includes yearlings that are eligible to New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania. Winbak Farm is proud to introduce first crop yearlings from Devious Man, Downbytheseaside, Huntsville, Fear The Dragon and Resolve.

New York Pacers Colts Fillies Ontario Pacers Colts Fillies
American Ideal 4 5 Artspeak 1
Heston Blue Chip 5 4 Betterthancheddar 1 4
Huntsville 1 Bettor’s Delight 1 7
Roll With Joe 2 Shadow Play 3 3
Sportswriter 3
New York Trotters Colts Fillies      
Chapter Seven 2 Ontario Trotters Colts Fillies
Credit Winner 2 Archangel 1 1
Devious Man 2 Kadabra 3
E L Titan 1 Muscle Mass 2
Resolve 1
Ohio Pacers Colts Fillies
Downbytheseaside 1 Pennsylvania Pacers Colts Fillies
Fear The Dragon 2 1 A Rocknroll Dance 2
Always B Miki 1 1
Ohio Trotter Colts Fillies Betting Line 2 5
My MVP 1 Captaintreacherous 1
Sweet Lou 1 4
Western Ideal 2 1
Pennsylvania Trotters Colts Fillies
Bar Hopping 2 1
Cantab Hall 2 3
Donato Hanover 1
Explosive Matter 1 2

Thirteen of the yearlings are also dual-eligible to Kentucky.

To preview yearlings at Winbak Farm of Maryland or for more information on yearlings, please call James Ladwig, Winbak Farm Yearling Manager, at 410.885.3059 or email him at

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