Winter Miles Trotting Center/Burke Training Center 2021 training roster

Astor, FL — Here is the 2021 training roster for the Winter Miles Trotting Center/Burke Training Center in Astor, Fla. First crop sires with horses training in Astor include Devious Man, Downbytheseaside, Fear The Dragon, Fort Knox, Huntsville, Walner and What The Hill. Foiled Again, harness racing’s all-time richest horse with $7.6 million in earnings and officially retired from racing, is again a snowbird wintering in Florida.

Robert Anderson Stable
Center Attraction p,f, American Ideal—Art Center

Herman Brewer Stable
Prince Of Sussex t,c, Creatine—Pana Colada

Ifnotmewho t,f, (2,1:58.2f, $71,303) Credit Winner—Pana Colada
Ifnotnowwhen t,g, (2,2:01.3f, $20,500) Muscle Massive—Winbak Paige

Burke Stable
AB Bright Light t,c, What The Hill—Oaklea Odessa
All About The Hunt p,c, Huntsville—All About Kisses
Always B Royalty p,f, Always B Miki—Hurricane Schmumma
Barry’s Berries p,c, Downbytheseaside—Dingle Bay
Be My Baby Now t,f, What The Hill—Baby Bella
Big Sachino p,c, Downbytheseaside—Santa Fe Yankee
Birthday p,c, Sweet Lou—Breakheart Pass
Cape Cod Hanover p,f, Downbytheseaside—Clouding Over
Cherish Hanover p,f, Bettor’s Delight—Clef Sign Hanover
Coastal p,f, Downbytheseaside—Pink Camo
Code Cracker p,c, Sweet Lou—Atsallrite Hanover
Collusion Illusion p,f, Sweet Lou—Spoiled Beach Hanover
Cowboy Crushn t,f, Chapter Seven—Cowgirl Hall
Dock Of The Bay p,c, Downbytheseaside—Pantathion
Don’t Cry Joe t,c, Southwind Frank—Sequin Hanover
Dragon Lady p,f, Fear The Dragon—Dancin Carroll
Eminem Hanover p,c, Downbytheseaside—Eight Mile Hanover
Fantasy Life p,f, Downbytheseaside—Tea Time
Frank The Elder t,c, Walner—Sianna Hanover
Gallie Hanover p,f, Always B Miki—Galliebythebeach
Global Pandemic t,c, Cantab Hall—Nicole’s Promise
Good Deal p,c, Sweet Lou—Cut A Deal
Hoffman Hanover p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Hug A Dragoness
I’ll Annie Up t,f, Uncle Peter—Annapolis
I’m Just James p,c, Real Desire—I’m All A Roan
Irish Potato t,f, Muscle Hill—Buck I St Pat
JM’s Final Treasure p,c, Sweet Lou—Worldly Treasure
Just Divine p,f, Huntsville—Divine Caroline
Kissinyougoodbye p,f, Huntsville—Yagonnakissmeornot
Lets Go Hanover t,c, E L Titan—Lady Luck Hanover
Life Luvin Yankee p,f, Sweet Lou—Luvthebeachlife
Loch’s N Bagels t,f, Southwind Frank—Loch Katrina
Loukes Perry p,c, Sweet Lou—Lucy’s Pearl
Lous Sassin p,c, Sweet Lou—Sassa Hanover
Maddox Hanover p,c, Well Said—Mary Mattgalane
McClelland Hanover p,c, Captaintreacherous—Magic Starlight
Missalette t,f, Father Patrick—Witty Girl
Moni’s Heaven Sent t,c, Muscle Hill—Moni From Heaven
Mr Strong t,c, Muscle Hill-Marion Missamerica
Muscle Crown t,c, Muscle Hill—Reven Crown
Neopolitan t,c, Muscle Hill—Sugar Cone
No Foolin p,f, Sweet Lou—Continual Velocity
One Of The Guys p,c, Always B Miki—Studio One
Outmuscle t,c, Muscle Hill—Fifty Shades
Pink Gypsy t,f, Father Patrick—Margarita Momma
Raising Hill t,c, What The Hill—Lindys Headnurse
Riding High t,f, Walner—Brooklyn Eagle
River Ness p,c, Huntsville—Summertime Lea
Rose Run Xcell p,f, Racing Hill—Victoria Gallery
Rose Run Xplosion p,c, Downbytheseaside—Crying Game
Rose Run Xtra t,c, Cash Hall—Anything But Love
Seaside Park p,f, Downbytheseaside—Cinamony
Sea Silk p,f, Downbytheseaside—Silk Purse
Sendingallmylove t,f, Southwind Frank—Superfine Hanover
Sip t,c, Bar Hopping—Barbara Brooks
Six Foot Please p,c, American Ideal—Upfrontandpersonal
Sloopy p,f, Downbytheseaside—Maniana
Springbridge Dragn p,c, Fear The Dragon—Stonebridge Damsel
Stop And Search t,f, Cantab Hall—Air Quote Hanover
Sunseeker Hanover t,f, Southwind Frank—Snowflake Hanover
Sweet Hello p,f, Sweet Lou—Well Hello There
Sweeties Best Bet p,f, Betting Line—Backstreet Sweetie
Sweet Kisses p,f, Sweet Lou—Kiss Me
Terminator p,c, Downbytheseaside—Crescent City
The Fear Is Real p,c, Fear The Dragon—Nachomama Bluechip
The Rundy t,c, E L Titan—Unefoisdansmavie
Treacherous Tom p,c, Captaintreacherous—Kate Is Well Said
Twin B Beach Club p,f, Downbytheseaside—Smart Card
Unhitched t,c, What The Hill—Obsessed Blue Chip
Unleash The Titan t,c, E L Titan—Quite Possible
Up Blueberry Hill t,c, What The Hill—Fruition
Victory Now t,f, What The Hill—Victoriousbroadway
Violence t,c, Muscle Hill—Shes Gone Again
Wehadababyetzaboy p,c, Sweet Lou—Camille
What A Picture t,f, What The Hill—No Pictures Please
Yes And Yes p,f, Always B Miki—Yes Deer
Youremyobsession p,c, Sweet Lou—Art Obsession

Tom & June Durand Stable
Angel’s Express t,g, Archangel—Daylon Mistress
Mancini t,g, Cantab Hall—Clarice Marie

older horse
The First Chapter 6,h,t, (3,1:55.3s, $28,654) Chapter Seven—Aurova Hanover

Benny Eggers Stable
Margie Joe p,f, Roll With Joe—Cheyenne Margie
Middleman t,c, Devious Man—Vivica Hall

Lotafametoclaim t,f, (2,Q2:02.2s, $8,200) Muscles Yankee—Miss Courtney
North Country p,f, (p,2,Q1:57.2s, $8,350) Roll With Joe—Cheyenne Margie
Patty Jo M p,f (p,2,2:04.2h, $8,205) Roll With Joe—Winbak Patty

Huffman/Carey Stable
Beer Shot t,c, Airman Batten—Brioni Suite
C R Socks t,c, Muscle Mass—
C R Striker t,f, Tom Ridge—
Down It p,c, Downbytheseaside—Vegemite
Jonisaidso p,f, Well Said—Society’s Child
King Princess p,f, American Ideal—Secrets Out N
Knox The Fox p,c, Fort Knox—Game Of Dreamers
Loving Julie t,f, Muscle Mass—Celebrity Lovin

Darby Hanover p,f, (p,2,1:52.4f, $110,150) Betting Line—Darena Hanover
Kayla’s Playmate t,f, (2,1:57.4f, $20,009) Father Patrick—Lima Playtime
Welltheraceison p,f, (p,2,2:01.1h, $14,741) Well Said—Orchid Beach

Ray & Sue Vandreason Stable
Cayman Jack t,c, Devious Man—Frou Frou

Jolies Mekus t,c, ($4,310) Prayer I Am—Jolie Hall

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