Ce Bello Romain has never been better

The 9-year-old French gelding Ce Bello Romain has never been in better form than now. Sunday afternoon (May 2), Ce Bello Romain, with Matthieu Mottier, won the Criterium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie at the track at Argentan (three-quarter-mile track) in a new record of 1:52.2.

Ce Bello Romain won the Criterium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie. Gerard Forni photo.

This was the fourth victory in a row for Ce Bello Romain in a Group II race.

Ce Bello Romain finished strong to win by two lengths, followed by Valokaja Hindø with Nicolas Bazire.

Top mares like Bahia Quiesnot and Billie de Montfort had to settle for fourth and seventh place and did not make the best impression as candidates for the Elitlopp.

The draw for the upcoming Paralympic track at the Aby Track in Gothenborg is ready and a field of 10 trotters will compete Saturday (May 8). The purse for the winner is $180,000. The distance is 2,140 meters (1-5/16th miles).

1. Floris Baldwin–Kristian Malmin-Trond Anderssen
2. Gelati Cut–Gabriele Gelormini-Romain Christian Larue
3. Racing Mange–Joakim Lövgren
4. Delia du Pommereux–Eric Raffin-Sylvain Roger
5. Who’s Who–Örjan Kihlström-Pasi Aikio
6. Aetos Kronos–Johan Untersteiner-Jerry Riordan
7. Elian Web–Jorma Kontio-Katja Melkko
8. Ecurie D.–Björn Goop-Frode Hamre
9. Ble du Gers–Per Oleg Midtfjeld-Frode Hamre
10. Very Kronos–Erik Adielsson-Svante Båth

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