Credit Winner, 25, dies

Wallkill, NY — It is with great sadness that Blue Chip Farms notifies the harness racing industry of the passing of Credit Winner Friday morning (June 3) at the age of 25.

Credit Winner died June 3 at the age of 25. Blue Chip Farms photo.

After a peaceful retirement from active stallion duties in 2020, his physical condition deteriorated dramatically this Spring. His struggles over the last few days have been such that syndicate manager Tom Grossman, and Blue Chip’s veterinarian, Dr. Herbert Burns, made the tough, but humane, decision to choose euthanasia as palliative measures were ineffectual.

Credit Winner was beloved by everybody and enriched everybody who crossed his path. As his good friend, and Blue Chip’s stallion manager, Alex Avila, said this morning “We missed a lot of lunch breaks because of Credit but it was always well worth it.”

Credit Winner will live on in his sons and daughters.

Blue Chip is proud to have been his home for his entire stallion career. The farm joins all of his syndicate members in genuine gratefulness.

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