Goshen racing protocols announced for Sept. 6

Schenectady, NY — The New York Sire Stakes and the Hambletonian Society, in conjunction with Goshen Historic Track, have released the racing protocols for the New York County Fair finals and Landmark Stakes set for Sunday (Sept. 6). Rules for owners and other documents have also been released. Post time will be at noon.

Protocols and important documents can be found at this link.

All participants are required to adhere to the protocols for NYS County Fair finals and Landmark Stakes Racing 2020. Horsemen and owners should review protocols in advance and be prepared to adhere to these on race day. Social distancing guidelines will be mandated and face masks are required. Be sure to read the information about protocols for Coggins and rabies for all horses and health certificates for out-of-state horses.

Participants are encouraged not to arrive before 9 a.m. and may not enter the grounds until properly screened. All entry onto the grounds will be through the back paddock gate on Parkway for COVID-19 screening and identification. Everyone will receive a wrist band to wear for the day once screened.

Entry for horsemen will be limited to two people per horse and you are asked to limit attendance to just those people necessary to race. Drivers must be listed on the program to drive.

Owners may attend the races but must be listed as a current owner of the horse with the USTA and reservations must be made in advance, no later than 5 p.m. on Friday (Sept. 4). Owners of horses entered may call the Historic Track Race Office at 845.294.5333 to be placed on the admissions list. No same-day owner admissions will be accepted, and no other spectators will be permitted.

Owners will undergo the same screening as horsemen through the back-paddock gate and will have to show identification.

As for the screening questionnaire, all individuals attending the races, both horsemen and owners, are encouraged to print and complete this in advance to expedite entry to the grounds.

Due to New York State regulations, no viewing will be allowed from the grandstand. All viewing will be conducted from the backstretch. Owners and horsemen are invited to bring lawn chairs and coolers to enjoy the day. Water will be available near the paddock judge. Alcohol is restricted. Owners of the winning horse will be allowed in the winner’s circle, following social distancing guidelines and wearing a face mask.

Races will be also live streamed, starting with an 11 a.m. pre-show before the noon post. The link and program will be available on the New York Sire Stakes website the morning of Sept. 6. The live stream will be available for playback for one year.

As for horse entries, the entry box closes at 10 a.m. on Wednesday (Sept. 2). Participants can enter online through the USTA for all events. If you would like to enter for the County Fair finals by phone, call the Fair Entry Hotline at 518.388.0964. If you would like to enter for the Landmark Stakes by phone, call the Goshen Race Office at 845.294.5333. We ask that you do not enter by phone more than 48 hours in advance.

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