Hanover-breds set earnings record

Hanover, PA — Hanover Shoe Farms is very proud to announce that Hanover-breds have surpassed $34 million in earnings in 2021. This breaks the all-time, all-breed record of $33,994,426 set by the farm in 2019.

Buoyed by standouts in almost every division, the new earnings record is no doubt the result of a commitment by Hanover to add both the finest broodmares to its band and stallions to its roster.

“It is our goal to breed the best. To that end, we purchase what we think are the best potential broodmares, syndicate the best potential stallions and raise our foals in the best possible way. Everything we do is geared towards our progeny’s success on the racetrack,” said Executive Vice President Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky. “We want to thank everybody that purchases our yearlings and who continue to lead them on the path to success. We could not have broken this record without you.”

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