Last chance to pre-order the 2022 Stakes Guide

Columbus, OH — To guarantee your copy of the 2022 Stakes Guide, the USTA recommends pre-ordering via your USTA MyAccount (available both to members and non-members).

The Event Guide and Conditions Booklet will be at the printer the week of Jan. 16 and mailed the next week, with a targeted in-home delivery of Feb. 1. By pre-ordering your copy, you ensure that mailing will happen on the first day possible to get it in your hands as quickly as possible. The 2021 editions all sold out, so guarantee delivery by ordering your copies today.

The Stakes Event Guide has the upcoming 2022 race schedule, as submitted by tracks and race sponsors, listed chronologically by age, sex and gait. It also includes payment schedules and the 2021 race results for features races, including purses, number of divisions and fastest win time.

The Stakes Conditions Booklet is an alphabetical listing of race conditions for both open and state restricted stakes, followed by conditions for many of the continent’s early and late closers, also sorted alphabetically. An index by track will help you find the early and late closers you want to race in.

Also available for purchase is the 2022 Calendar, with colorful images, race dates, sale dates and helpful USTA closure dates and deadlines. The calendar will run March 2022-February 2023.

All publications are available to purchase through your USTA MyAccount by clicking Online Services and then choosing “Click here to view products available from the USTA Store”. If you are a USTA member, quickly set up a USTA MyAccount here using your USTA number, first and last name as in the database and zip code. This will tie your MyAccount to your membership so you can utilize all the great aspects of MyAccount, including owner’s dashboard (free program pages for horses you own), online entry, online ownership transfer and so much more.

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