New equine organization formed with focus on Standardbreds

from the Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of California

Riverside, CA — Serving the great state of California, a new equestrian group, the Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of California, has formed with a focus on the equine breed the Standardbred and their role in non-racing performance disciplines such as pleasure and show horses.

The mission of S.P.H.O. of California is to promote the education of Standardbred enthusiasts and the general public alike in all aspects of horsemanship through a cooperative and fun environment. The primary goal is to promote the Standardbred as a non-racing performance and pleasure horse by providing opportunities to support the Standardbred in the equestrian community while fostering individual and collective growth. The S.P.H.O. of California will serve its membership by providing leadership, education, exhibitions, publications, competitions, and to enhance greater public awareness, understanding and appreciation for the Standardbred.

The Standardbred is foremost thought of as only a harness racer and S.P.H.O. of California is passionately looking to broaden their appeal by showcasing the versatility and diversity of the breed. This new organization will operate as a non-profit corporation under the guidelines of the State of California.

The S.P.H.O. of California is now accepting new members. Members do not need to own a Standardbred to join. If you are interested in becoming a member or learning more about the organization please visit the website or contact Kristy Milo at (951) 332-0717.

To find an organization closer to you, please visit the USTA website at

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