Pair of carryovers spark guarantees Tuesday at Northfield

Northfield, OH – With a pair of carryovers on Monday night, Northfield Park is announcing added guaranteed pools for Tuesday night (March 12).

There will be a $12,500 Guaranteed Pick-5 Pool (including a $3,067 carryover) beginning in Race 2, on Tuesday night.

The Super High-5 was also missed on Monday night sparking a carryover of $11,712.76 and will have a $40,000 guaranteed total pool.  The wager will be featured in Race 13.

Northfield’s Pick-3’s, Pick-4’s, Pick-5, Single 6 and Super High-5 wagers all feature a low 14% takeout rate.

Post Time on Tuesday is 6:00 p.m.

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