Notice of delayed December Hoof Beats delivery

Columbus, OH — The United States Trotting Association and the staff of Hoof Beats magazine extend their apologies to all subscribers who have not yet received their December issue or if it was delivered late this month.

Unfortunately, the delay in mail delivery is a system-wide problem that the United States Postal Service is experiencing.

Increasing illness of postal workers due to COVID-19, substantial increases in e-commerce orders during the holiday season, and new FedEx and UPS restrictions diverting millions of their packages per day to the Postal Service have combined to significantly delay the delivery of all mail.

Hoof Beats and the U.S. Trotting Association ask your patience during this challenging time and want you to be assured that we are working diligently to rectify the delivery issues.

We thank you for being a Hoof Beats subscriber, and we hope that you have a happy and safe holiday season.

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