Ontario Select Yearling Sale to be held in 2021

Inglewood, ON — The Ontario Select Yearling Sale will be held for the second year in 2021.

“We understand the importance of having a live sale in Ontario and we will be putting together a sale to help the interests of breeders,” said Pat Woods, Ontario Select Sale Manager.

Entries from outside consignors are now being accepted. More details concerning deadlines will be released soon.

“At the present time, dates and venues are being discussed and will be determined over the next few months,” said Woods. “Please stay tuned for more details in upcoming press releases and updates posted on the Ontario Select Sale website.”

Those interested in the sale are encouraged to check frequently at www.ontarioselectyearlingsale.com for more information.

“The Ontario Select Sale Company would like to ensure everyone that we will be diligently working with Public Health to maintain all protocols in order to ensure the safety of all involved with the sale,” said Woods. “Last year, we continually provided updates on all mandated health safety protocol and we will continue to do that in 2021.”

For information on the sale, please contact Pat Woods at pat.woods@winbakfarm.com or call him at 905.838.2145.

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