Outriding hero Simon, 16, dies

Pompano Beach, FL — Thoroughbred outriding hero Simon, who has saved countless horses and horsemen from tragedy over the years, has died in the line of duty at the age of 16.

Outriding hero Simon, passed away Saturday after jumping over a pylon and breaking his shoulder. Pompano Park Photo.

The gallant son of noted stakes winning, grey thoroughbred Holy Bull, Simon was fatally involved while attempting to corral a loose horse in Sweden at Axvalla Trav on Saturday (July 23).

Outrider Camilla Olsson put Simon on yet another brave rescue mission and fell after attempting to jump over a pylon, breaking his shoulder to the point where he could not be saved.

While Simon only won two of 53 career starts in competitive racing, he became a hero after outrider Camilla Olsson got him at the age of five, quickly becoming a star on the racetrack doing “a job he loved,” said Ms. Olsson.

“Of course,” she related, “he was a star at Pompano Park where he loved the attention and, especially during the post parades but, when any incident happened on the racetrack, he was ready to keep horsemen out of harms way.

“He was very smart, very fast and his disposition was perfect…just a dream horse.

“His last gallant heroic act was yesterday when he saved me by finding the strength of land so I wouldn’t take the brunt of the fall.”

“He was that kind of hero.”

After the Pompano Park meeting, Olsson went back home to Sweden with Simon and became a “rock star” at the tracks as he “loved to be in the spotlight.”

At the Halmstad Trav two weeks ago, Camilla and Simon team up to prevent tragedy at that track by catching two loose horses, making him the most loved horse on the track.

While this accident happened in Sweden, the outpouring from the United States was widespread with condolences pouring in from all around North America.

Racing official Kathy Breedlove echoed the sentiments of all saying, “Simon was not only a heartbreak for Camilla, he was a heartbreak for all of us, as well.”

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