Ranger rules the day at Bangor Raceway

Bangor, ME —┬áDriver Bruce Ranger became the punters’ best friend at Bangor Raceway on Wednesday (Oct. 19) factoring in the exotics in six out of his seven starts while claiming two trips down Victory Lane over the course of the 10-race mid-afternoon performance.

The drivers’ colony at Bangor remains extremely deep and on this day marked by equity, eight drivers teamed winners home through the storied strength at historic Bass Park and the list of winners was varied indeed.

Dalton Lee, 22, scored his fourth career win behind Ideal Rowan (1:59.2) while Jason Bertolini, another youthful “P” driver, claimed his first Bangor win with Air Force Grad (2:04), but it was the veteran Ranger who delivered the consistency, providing order to the expansive list of achievers, while etching his name firmly at the top of the eventual tally.

In juxtaposition to the fledgling frolics of Lee and Bertolini, the hallmark of the day occurred when two grizzled veterans locked horns in the $7,000 trotting feature.

Bruce Ranger teamed Broadway Giant to his third consecutive score in a seasonal best 1:59.4. Shelley Gilpatrick photo.

Ranger, who is closing in on 10,000 career driving wins, teamed Broadway Giant to his third consecutive score in a seasonal best 1:59.4. In order to earn the hard fought win though, the victorious duo had to first overcome the well-pedigreed challenge of Mister Muscle and his driver, Walter Case Jr.

With more than 21,000 career wins between them and one more on the line, Ranger and Case matched strides through the lane in a duel of great urgency, with a mere neck separating the two grand campaigners at the wire, demonstrating that the fire still burns in the bellies of the champions who continue to toil their trade at Bangor Raceway.

Check out all the action at Bangor Raceway every Friday and Saturday at 12:15 p.m. (EDT) with Wednesday cards getting underway at 3 p.m. Closing day of the 2022 season has been extended to Saturday (Nov. 5).

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