Record nominations to the 2021 Kentucky Sire Stakes programs

Lexington, KY — Record nominations to the Kentucky Sire Stakes programs point to an exciting 2021 racing season.

“The enhancements to the KYSS Championship Series, Commonwealth Series and Kentucky Proud Series announced last fall have clearly excited owners and trainers. The added leg to both the Championship Series and Commonwealth Series, along with the increased purses for the Kentucky Proud Series, has resulted in a record number of nominations to our program,” said Bob Brady, Kentucky Harness Association President.

Nominations update:

Championship Series and Commonwealth Series
387 2-year-old horses eligible, up 61 horses, for an increase of 19 percent
216 3-year-old horses eligible, up 51 horses, for an increase of 23 percent
Overall 603 horses eligible, up 112 horses, for an increase of 20 percent

Kentucky Proud Series (formerly Fair Program)
132 2-year-old horses eligible, up 37 horses, for an increase of 39 percent
76 3-year-old horses eligible, up 13 horses, for an increase of 21 percent
Overall 208 horses eligible, up 50 horses, for an increase of 32 percent

The enhanced Kentucky Proud Series kicks off this weekend with the Washington County Fair held at the Lebanon Fairgrounds with an exciting 17 race card.

“It is exciting to see this program grow. The Kentucky Sire Stakes Advisory Panel has really worked closely together to help the Kentucky Proud Series prosper,” said Brady.

As a reminder, all fully nominated horses will be eligible for the early closing races and series to be held as part of the new Corbin at The Red Mile meet that begins on July 4, with three racing days a week (Sunday-Tuesday) throughout the month of July, and the Oak Grove Racing & Gaming meet that begins on Oct. 12 and runs through Nov. 23 (Sunday-Tuesday).

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