“Road to the Nationals” presented by Trot-Trot Channel

Columbus, OH — “Road to the Nationals” documents the journey of several “teams” as they prepare for the National Standardbred Show, put on by the Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of New Jersey. The docu-series, which premiered on March 1, is on the YouTube Trot-Trot Channel.

The brainchild of Brielle Roman, each team is of various ages, backgrounds, and with their own unique goals and struggles. They are all, however, united by the common denominator of Standardbreds, as they prepare for the National Standardbred Show.

“With this series, we want to promote not only the National Show, but Standardbreds as pleasure and show horses in post track careers,” explained Roman, who is a show horse trainer specializing in the retraining of off track Standardbreds in New Jersey. “My hope is that by meeting a diverse and relatable ‘cast’ of characters, human and equine, people will become intrigued by Standardbreds, and their careers on and off the track, and see what we all already know: that they are wonderful horses, that do just as nice of a job in the show ring as other more popular breeds.”

Participants include:

Kinsley & Gracie Harris with Phil Your Boots (and their trainer Sofia Zingale)
Ashley Francese with Western Flash & Nardi Jim Jim
Shannon Wilson with Slippery Slope
Tee Ateasha with Commander Turk N
Kailey Williams with Michael’s Power
Olivia Kimelman with Rock the Casbah
Dakota Gail with Yolo Lindy & Shangri-La
Brielle Roman with Storming Mist
Diana Kramer with Man About Town & Wilbur’s Z Tam

“The SPHO-NJ is extremely excited about the Road to the Nationals 2021 hosted by the Standardbred Retraining Group (on Facebook),” said SPHO-NJ Points Secretary Rob Pennington. “Brielle has done amazing things with this group, and we look forward to working with her and this campaign to promote the 27th annual National Standardbred Horse Show.”

The National Standardbred Show will be held Aug. 13-15 at the Horse Park of New Jersey. More information about the show can be found on the SPHO-NJ website and Facebook page.

Since 1996, the Standardbred Equine Program has worked with owners of off-the-track Standardbreds to educate the general public about the many disciplines Standardbreds excel at once they are retired from racing. For more information about the SEP at the USTA, visit LifeAfterRacing.ustrotting.com.

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