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RUS NY recently held an organization meeting to establish goals and elect officials. Although the group has been in existence for nearly a year, it was decided to become a more formal non-profit as the sport continues to grow.

The first matter of business was to create a governing document. The document includes the group’s aim, powers, membership, management, duties of officers, finance and meeting rules/regulations. This was needed right away in order to open a bank account. This document will be kept in a binder kept by the president.

RUS NY’s aim is to help organize and promote under saddle races for Standardbreds across the state (not just fairs). The main goal is to promote Racing Under Saddle and the versatility of the Standardbred breed as both a racing and a riding horse to help Standardbreds find great homes after they finish their days on the track.

The group will be managed by a Management Committee. The Officers of the Management Committee shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors to be voted on annually. The President, Vice President and Directors will get votes on decision making, keeping in mind what is in the best interest of all members.

Officers for 2015 will be: President-Michelle Miller, Vice President–Michelle Crawford, Treasurer–Jocelyn Gale (Michelle Crawford will be the second signer) and Secretary–Hannah Miller. Abbey Westbrook was elected a director.

The group is still looking for people to serve as directors and the hope is to hold a vote at the next meeting. Directors have to be committed to attending meetings either physically or via Skype of FaceTime. Duties of the directors shall be to:

• Provide leadership and strategic direction for the organization
• Ensure that an organization remains accountable to its donors and to the general public
• Evaluate financial policies, approve annual budgets, and review periodic financial reports to ensure that the organization has the necessary resources to carry out its mission
• To act as liaisons to our members and represent their best interest when voting
• Directors are expected to actively participate in organizational planning and decision-making and to make sound and informed judgments. When acting on behalf of the organization, directors must put the interests of the Group before any personal or professional concerns and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

RUS NY is also looking for some people to volunteer as fair race officials. Duties will include taking entry fees, making sure all riders participate in a breathalyzer test, making sure all riders have signed a waiver and ensuring other safety measures as assigned. Riders can take on this role if they are not participating in the program on the day of the event.

Membership of RUS NY is open to any individual who supports the sport of Racing Under Saddle and is interested in helping the group to achieve its aim and willing to abide by the rules of the Group. Members are encouraged to attend meetings, help fundraise and participate in discussions. However, membership does not give the power to vote. The only time members get to vote is during the Group’s Annual General Meeting to elect a Management Committee.

Benefits of membership:
• Networking opportunities and more racing opportunities
• Staying connected with what is going on; getting e-mails and updates (members are responsible for keeping contact info up to date with the secretary)
• Members can sit on committees and help with proposals that will go in front of the Management Committee

Anybody interested in membership should contact Michelle Miller at or 607.643.8047. If you did not receive meeting minutes for the Feb. 15 meeting then you are not on the membership list or the group does not have your correct contact information.

The primary goal moving forward is getting a bank account open so the group can begin looking for sponsors. Jocelyn Gale will serve as head of fundraising and sponsorships and is working on drafting sponsorship letters for our next meeting. Members are asked to come up with a list of potential sponsors for the meeting, which still has not been scheduled.

Involvement is essential for the season to be a success. The group has to come up with all purse money so fundraising and help with sponsorship is vital. All riders will have to participate in at least one fundraiser to ride in any RUS NY event (fairs or pari-mutuel tracks).

Please follow RUS NY on its Facebook Page, Twitter and website for upcoming news. RUS NY’s fair series schedule is coming together nicely and should be out shortly. Stay tuned.

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