Southern Oaks 2022 training roster

Sorrento, FL — Here is the 2022 winter training roster for Southern Oaks, Sorrento, Fla. Stallions with first crops in training at Southern Oaks include Boston Red Rocks, Can’t Afford It, Check Six, Crazy Wow, Helpisontheway, International Moni, Lazarus N, Met’s Hall, Somestarsomewhere, Stay Hungry, Tactical Landing, Travel Playlist and You Know You Do.

Millionaires Amigo Volo and Fire Start Hanover, plus Meadowlands Pace winner Lawless Shadow are among the horses spending the winter at Southern Oaks.

Dave Arrenholz Stable
Feetmadefordancin p,c, JK Endofanera—Feetonthedashboard
Our Therapist t,c, My MVP—Psychotherapist

Dash N Cache p,f, ($5,225) Aracache Hanover—Feetonthedashboard

Gates Brunet Stable
Irish Coffee t,c, Father Patrick—Kolachke
Lohan’s Lindy t,f, Father Patrick—Lindy Lohan
Ms Moni Penny t,f, International Moni—My Babys Momma

Fashion Princess t,f, (2,Q2:01s, $5,056) Donato Hanover—Fashion Spooner
Staghouse t,c, Conway Hall—Shes On Fire
Straightnochaser t,f, Bar Hopping—Dreama Littledream

John Butenschoen Stable
Baby Take A Vow t,f, Father Patrick—Mazda Hanover
Bamboozler p,c, Captaintreacherous—Deception
Bandito Joe p,c, Roll With Joe—Blind Faith
Battleship Landing t,c, Tactical Landing—Donatos Stardust
Bettor’s Storm p,c, Bettor’s Delight—Village Jessica
Buddy Earl t,c, Father Patrick—Nixie Volo
Crushin Tabs t,c, Cantab Hall—Pink Crush
Dismas Deo p,c, Sweet Lou—Timber
Don’t Cry Dena t,f, Dover Dan—Don’t Cry Debbie
Double Think p,f, American Ideal—Fashion Gal
Fox Valley Remi t,f, Walner—Hot Springs
Game Buster t,c, Muscle Mass—First Class Filly
Gimmie A Corona p,f, Control The Moment—Western Jewel
Help Page t,c, Helpisontheway—Many Happy Returns
Impresario t,c, Cantab Hall—Peaceful Kemp
Know Stopping Now t,c, You Know You Do—Aunt Susie
Kobe B t,c, Father Patrick—Classic Yankee
Likemygirlsolder t,c, Crazy Wow—Spice Queen
Lookintogetlucky t,c, Father Patrick—Lookin Sharp
Metro Matty t,c, Met’s Hall—Order By Matilda
Nirvana Deo t,f, Muscle Hill—Yalta Hanover
Purple Lord t,c, Tactical Landing—Paige Hanover
Read The Book t,f, E L Titan—Chapter And Verse
Suess t,c, Southwind Frank—Bedtime Story
Seven Over t,c, Chapter Seven—Overpowering Lady
The Golden Jet p,c, Shadow Play—Tremendous
Whata Trixter t,c, Trixton—Lorina Pinks

Andoverthewinnings t,g, (2,1:55.3f, $51,100) Explosive Matter—Andover The Prize
Bentley GT t,c, Conway Hall—Pacific Centerfold
Cathy Hanover p,f, (p,2,1:55.1f, $26,487) Betting Line—Code One Hanover
Double Vodka Don t,g, (2,Q2:02.3f) Father Patrick—Munis Blue Chip
Famous Dan t,c, Dover Dan—Silvia
Feast Day t,g, (2,Q2:01f, $12,850) Trixton— Homefortheholidays
Forrest Blu p,g,(p,2,1:54h, $119,508) Roll With Joe—Lima Fairest
Fox Valley Colby t,c, Swan For All—Love You More
Gracelyn Hanover t,f, (2,1:53.3, $43,350) Walner—Gatka Hanover
Hopes N Wishes t,f, Bar Hopping—Hall Of Wishes
Le Cinq A Sept t,c, Chapter Seven—French Press
Missile t,c, Father Patrick—Magic Feeling
Prasiolite t,f, (2,1:57.2f, $11,250) Chapter Seven—Jewels In Hock
Quincy Market t,c, (2,1:59.3h, $77,458) E L Titan—Dance To Market
Special Mission t,c, Walner—Special Hill
Storybook Ending t,f, (2,Q2:01.3f) Chapter Seven—Casaubon

Brad Firlotte Stable
Always A Mystery p,g, Always B Miki—Fashion Mystery
Captain Awesome p,c, Captaintreacherous—Western Babe

Bettor N Joy p,f, Bettor’s Delight—Joywriter
Last Beach p,c, (p,2,1:53.2, $12,754) Somebeachsomewhere—Cannae Cammie
B Our Obsession p,f, Always B Miki—Hayworth Blue Chip
Whammer Jammer p,g, ($4,204) Always B Miki—Somesleazetoplease

Grummel Stable
Killjoy t,c, Lou’s Legacy—Fox Valley Luxury

Husted Stable
Foe Bro t,c, Dejarmbro—Fox Valley Admire
Fox Valley Candor t,c, Can’t Afford It—Share My Secret
Fox Valley Janis p,f, Somestarsomewhere—Fox Valley Lyn
Fox Valley Landen p,c, Somestarsomewhere—Oozie’s Finale
Fox Valley Ramises t,c, Muscle Mass—Lil’ Miss Tut
M I Rockin p,c, Rockin Image—L Dees Journey
Sunmaster p,c, Sportsmaster—Sunshine Sister

Fox Valley Hadley p,f, Sportsmaster—Tyler Too
Get E Up p,g, (p,2,1:52, $77,779) Sportsmaster—Fox Valley Tulip
Lous Ides Of March t,f, Lou’s Legacy—Earli Valley
Rumored p,f, Sweet Lou—Major Crush

Erv Miller Stable
Air Ride p,c, Luck Be Withyou—Ruby Delight
Always B Nicky p,f, Always B Miki—Vysoke Tatry
Autumn Moon p,f, Heston Blue Chip—Lunar Phase
Barbossa Hanover p,c, Captaintreacherous—Bittorsweet Terror
Barefoot Beau p,c, Always B Miki—Barefoot Beauty
Barry J p,c, Lazarus N—American Image
Battlefield p,c, Sweet Lou—Belle Boyd
Beach Cowboy p,c, American Ideal—Somestreetsomewhere
Beantown Babe p,f, Boston Red Rocks—Logans Girl
Beautiful Light p,f, American Ideal—Nuclear Rays
Beauty N Grace p,f, Tellitlikeitis—Safta Perry
Bet On Buter p,c, Huntsville—Billmar Scooter
Bluebird Graffiti p,c, Check Six—She Delight
Bourbon Courage t,c, You Know You Do—Luv You All
Brookview Darius t,g, Swan For All—Witty’s Winner
Captain Up p,c, Captaintreacherous—Pucker Up
Chickaboo p,f, Racing Hill—Hot Chica Boomba
Clegg Hanover p,c, Captaintreacherous—Code One Hanover
Coach Stefanos p,g, Tellitlikeitis—Watch N Be Watched
Complex t,f, Swan For All—Yoga
Dark As Night p,f, Stay Hungry—Feel The Darkside
Defiant Izzie p,g, Tellitlikeitis—Defiant G
Dunbar Road p,f, Huntsville—Ever After
Duracell t,g, Swan For All—Lovely Jan
Eazy Hunting p,f, Huntsville—Eazy Spreezy
Fawn De Don’t t,f, Keytone Savage—Don’t Say Don’t
Fawn De One t,f, Keystone Savage—Fawn De Two
Fear The Grizzly p,f, Fear The Dragon—Grizzly Mama
Finnian Hanover p,c, Rockin Image—Fashion Majorette
Firstofanera p,f, JK Endofanera—Do Me First
Five Star Photo t,f, You Know You Do—Missy Hall
Fox Valley Adele p,f, Lazarus N—Put On A Display
Fox Valley Auburn p,g, Somestarsomewhere—Duncan’s Sister
Fox Valley Foxfire t,g, Can’t Afford It—Racy Roz
Fox Valley Leah p,f, Somestarsomewhere—Heavens Bettorhalf
Fox Valley Patriot p,g, Somestarsomewhere—Kimmy
Fox Valley Shania t,f, Can’t Afford It—Fox Valley Diva
Frankie Frankie p,g, Tellitlikeitis—Myplaceonthebeach
Frondeur p,f, A Rocknroll Dance—Redhot’s Memory
Futurelooksbright p,f, Bettor’s Delight—Just A Glimpse
Good Will Lindy p,c, Huntsville—Lindys Old Lady
Growin Grace p,f, Check Six—Ghost Ranger
Guiding Star t,f, Tactical Landing—Bavarde
Help Shady Lincoln t,g, Helpisontheway—Speed For All
Higher Waves p,c, Downbytheseaside—Higher Standards
Ideal Cover p,f, American Ideal—Always Covers
Ideal Diva t,f, Devious Man—Island Town
Illini Jetset p,g, Travel Playlist—Ty’s Artist
Jennifer Rocks p,f, Rockin Image—V C Asteroid
Joe Knows p,g, Roll With Joe—Necessary Element
Meadow Nora t,f, Muscle Massive—JA’s Ayd
Mister Sleaze p,c, Sagebrush—DA Sleazy One
Morning Edition t,c, Walner—Morning Glow
My Challenger t,c, Swan For All—Homepage
Nation t,f, Southwind Frank—Strawberry Wine
Night Star t,c, Met’s Hall—Celestial Angel
Niko Man t,g, Cassis—Andover The Prize
Northern Magenta t,f, Royalty For Life—Northern Blaze
Papa’s The Boss t,c, Swan For All—We’ve Got It All
Partner Dolan p,c, Father Patrick—Bundle Of Energy
Perfect Promises p,g, Tellitlikeitis—Miss Liz
Ponda Treasure p,f, Always A Virgin—Mystical Treasure
Queens Land t,f, Conway Hall—Dipietrantonio
Ravenous p,f, Stay Hungry—Typhoon
Rose Run Yankee t,c, Trixton—Caught My Eye
Sheila’s Swan t,f, Swan For All—Just A Valley Gal
She’s A Lady p,f, Captaintreacherous—My Lady Love
Skyler Blue p,f, Tellitlikeitis—Wimple Hanover
Sleazy All The Way p,f, Sagebrush—Sleazy Babe
Sleazy Mama p,f, JK Endofanera—Sleazy Dancer
Sonny Black p,g, Rockin Image—Balinska Hanover
Sparks Fly t,c, Bar Hopping—New Wrinkle
Surf Sun And Sip t,c, Trixton—Sweet Summer
Swan Appeal t,f, Swan For All—Global Appeal
Swan Carla t,f, Swan For All—Precisionist
Swan Kenzie t,f, Swan For All—Free Wheeling
Swift Operator p,c, Stay Hungry—Swift N Shout
Tells On A Roll p,f, Tellitlikeitis—Have Rock Will Roll
The Magical Woman p,f, Travel Playlist—Emission Control
The Opener p,g, Lazarus N—Dallas Jones
T’S Pride t,f, You Know You Do—Cheetah Hall
Twin B High Tech p,f, Lazarus N—Teenage Paige
Uncle DD p,g, JK Endofanera—Hah Chachacha
Urchin Blue Chip p,f, Always B Miki—Lyford Clay
Usosweet Blue Chip t,f, Devious Man—Twin B Kisses
Vallora Kemp t,f, Walner—Here Nor There
YF White Lightning t,g, Lou’s Legacy—Fox Valley Beyonce

Abruzzo t,c, (2,Q2:01f, $11,410) Walner—Take The Money
Aerosmith Hanover p,c, (p,2,1:54.1s, $9,010) Rockin Image—Asada Hanover
Bay City p,g, (p,2,1:54.2f, $27,396) Always B Miki—Miss ATM
Big Christian t,g, Swan For All—Spirit Of Casey
Blazing Spirit p,f, ($9,594) Sweet Lou—Village Madonna
Bourbon Chestnut t,f, Trixton—Mini Bar
Bowie Rocks p,c, (p,2,Q1:57.1s, $73,785) Rockin Image—Wimple Hanover
Bridge To Victory t,g, (2,1:58.4s, $7,500) What The Hill—Bridge To Nowhere
Captain’s Star p,f, (p,2,Q1:58.1f, $4,073) Captaintreacherous —Talkative
Canterawishing t,f, (2,1:58.3s, $29,855) Wishing Stone—La Cantera
Finefeathrdfriend t,c, Swan For All—Miss Otis Regrets
Flipflopsncroptops t,f, (2,1:58.1s, $32,520) Swan For All—Sweet Summer
Flip My Chip p,g, (p,2,1:53.1f, $50,211) Heston Blue Chip—Restive Hanover
Fox Valley Captiva p,f, (p,2,1:53.3, $55,215) World Of Rocknroll —Kissmeallover
Gone Before Dawn p,c, (p,2,1:56h, $36,828) Huntsville—One Last Kiss
Hangry p,g, (p,2,1:53.3s, $15,811) Rockin Image —Hah Chachacha
JK’s Rollin Baby p,f, (p,2,1:52.1s, $77,025) JK Endofanera —Rock N Roll Baby
Kilee Rocks p,f, (p,2,Q1:57.2f, $1,404) A Rocknroll Dance—McGibson
Kingofmyheart p,g, (p,2,2:00.1, $58,946) World Of Rocknroll —My Heart Was True
Lady Bombay p,f, (p,2,1:56, $38,086) Major Bombay—Western Wizard
Lou’s Lil Hershy t,c, Lou’s Legacy—Winning Blade
Miss Spicy t,f, (2,1:58.1s, $35,696) Swan For All—Saucy
Ponda Adventure t,g, (2,1:54.2s, $271,468) Swan For All—Wildflower
Quarantini p,c, Huntsville—All On Top Hanover
R Desireable Lady t,f, (2,1:59, $69,053) Swan For All—Happy Place
Regents Hanover p,g, (p,2,1:57.2f, $19,508) Betting Line—Rockincam Park
Ricorico t,c, Dover Dan—Magic Lindy
Rheia Rose t,f, (2,2:01h, $28,579) E L Titan—She’s Nutz
She’sahotmuffler p,f, (p,2,1:53.3s, $60,382) Rockin Image—Whatifthere’smore
Stretch The Line p,g, (p,2,1:52.3f, $56,267) Huntsville—Jessalilmixup
Sure Thing Herman p,c, Tellitlikeitis —One Sure Thing
The Boss Man t,g, Muscle Mass—Stonebridge Encore
The Letter p,f, (p,2,1:56.4s, $15,727) Fred And Ginger—Dragon Moon
The Longest Yard p,g, (p,2,1:52.4s, $77,065) Rockin Image—Balinska Hanover
Western Era p,g, (p,2,1:52.2s, $56,750) JK Endofanera —Western Charmer
Xmarxthespot p,c, ($1,400) Huntsville—Thirty X
Yes Indeed p,f, (p,2,Q1:56.4f, $12,991) Huntsville—Please Me Please

older horses
Gardy’s Legacy A p,g,6, (p,1:49, $111,474) Bettor’s Delight—Southern Legacy
Tulhurstsantanna A p,g,9, (p,1:49.4s, $223,344) Santanna Blue Chip—Ballroom Belle

Kimberlie Miller Stable
Gems N Tonic t,f, Bar Hopping—Keystone Sapphire

older horse
Miss Maytrix t,m,4, (3,1:58.2f, $12,849) Trixton—Marion Mayflower

Dr. Ian Moore Stable
Arthurs Shadow p,c, Arthur Blue Chip—A And Gs Creek
Best Shadow p,c, Shadow Play—Kim’s The Best
Capri Sun p,f, Sportswriter—Kiddie Cocktail
Cleveland Big J p,c, Big Jim—Matilda
Got The Gold p,f, Bettor’s Delight—Ideal Nuggets
Lindy’s Beachtoy p,c, He’s Watching—Lindwood Beachgirl
Meg p,f, He’s Watching—Trilife
Shadows Terror p,c, Shadow Play—Cyber Terror
Sis p,f, Sportswriter—Sammy’s Magic Girl
Stockade Seelster p,c, State Treasurer—Soiree Seelster
We Shall Sea p,c, Downbytheseaside—Anothercam Kiss

Angelonia t,f, (2,1:57.2s, $43,026) Archangel—Fabulous Tag
Flo p,f, (p,2,1:56.1s, $29,938) Shadow Play—Bunkhouse Babe
Greatest Ending p,c, (p,2,Q1:55.1s, $18,246) Somebeachsomewhere—Lady Be Great
I Love Ongait p,f, (p,2,1:55s, $91,477) Sunshine Beach—So In Love

older horse
Lawless Shadow p,h,4, (p,3,1:48.2f, $791,064) Shadow Play—Ladycino “Meadowlands Pace winner”

Pinske Stable
Bestfriend Volo t,c, Walner—Bank Of Newport
Falana Hanover p,f, Always B Miki—Fit To Frame
Fox Hole t,c, Father Patrick—Sly Fox
Honest Money t,f, Father Patrick—Your Word Is Good
Kaptain Karlos p,c, Captaintreacherous—Robin Cruiser
Ladylove Volo t,f, Father Patrick—Lady Gill Again
Light And Tight p,f, American Ideal—Don’t Point At
Mommamia Volo t,f, Tactical Landing—Margarita Momma
Over Board t,f, Father Patrick—Northern Starlight
Park Slope t,f, Chapter Seven—Brooklyn Eagle
Pratt Hanover t,c, Father Patrick—Personal Style
Pretty Dame Speedy t,c, Chapter Seven—Dame Du Lac
Prince Of Honor t,c, Walner—Princess Aurora
Skateaway t,f, Walner—Easy Agenda
Speed Snip p,c, Sweet Lou—Terroronthebeach
Tallchief Hanover p,f, Stay Hungry—Tutu Hanover
To All A Goodnight p,f, Captaintreacherous—Extreme Dream
Upscale Blue Chip t,f, Muscle Hill—Lima Novelty

Adore Me t,f, (2,1:59.1f, $62,508) Father Patrick—Sleep Tight My Luv
Double Deceiver t,g, (2,1:52.3, $244,626) Cantab Hall—Sarcy
Elegant Charm t,f, Father Patrick—Graceful Kelly
Hood Party p,f, (p,2,1:52.2, $107,576) Betting Line—Robin Cruiser
Lilbitalexis t,f, (2,1:52.2, $176,307) Walner—Jolie De Vie
Spendthemoneyhoney t,f, (2,1:58.4, $27,500) Muscle Hill—Overdraft Volo

older horses
Fire Start Hanover p,m,4, (p,3,1:49, $1,107,447) Somebeachsomewhere—Fit To Frame “Dan Patch Award winner at 2”
Jack Fire t,g,4, (2,1:56f, $194,846) Cantab Hall—Jolie De Vie
Venerate t,h,4, (2,1:51.4, $850,809) Love You—Peaceful Kemp “Mohawk Million winner”
Amigo Volo t,g,5, (3,1:50.2f, $1,671,414) Father Patrick—Margarita Momma “Dan Patch Award winner at 3”

Two Days Stable/Richard and Joan Day
Two Days Imaqt t,f Expressive Action—Two Days Finale

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