Sweden’s 2022 Elitlopp will be the world’s richest trotting race

The winner of the 2022 Elitlopp at Solvalla will get a purse of 5 million Swedish Kroner — or approximately $550,000.

That is the biggest purse for a winner in a trotting race.

The total prize money in the Elitlopp will be 11.35 million SEK — or approximately $1.2 million. This is $100,000 more than the Hambletonian Stake, which has a total purse of $1.1 million.

The purse in the Elitlopp will also be higher than the purse in the Prix d’Amerique. The 2022 Prix d’Amerique has a total purse of 1 million Euro ($1.13 million) and the purse for the winner is 450,000 Euro or $510,000.

The Elitlopp will be raced at Solvalla on Sunday (May 29).

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