The Hambletonian Society statement on the Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Act

Cranbury, NJ — The Hambletonian Society supports the proposed Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA), the latest version of which is S.R. 4547, introduced on Sept. 9, 2020.

The Society believes that the current system of oversight and regulation of horse racing needs and demands changes in structure and execution and that the proposed legislation has the potential to bring new found confidence and trust to horseplayers, owners and all other participants.

While some of the provisions of the original bill caused legitimate concerns for the Standardbred industry, since, among other concerns, it provided for “one size fits all” rules for all breeds, the amended bill now recognizes the uniqueness of other breeds, including Standardbreds.

To be represented effectively, the Standardbred industry and its leaders must be united in their approach to the Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority to be established under HISA, so as to ensure that therapeutic medication protocols, funding mechanisms and representation, are appropriate and practical for the harness racing industry.

Universal thresholds and withdrawal times, as well as standardized testing procedures for permitted therapeutic medications, will allow honest and ethical breeders, trainers and veterinarians to care for race horses in a more consistent manner. This proposed legislation also greatly increases the chances of detecting and apprehending unscrupulous and unethical people who currently operate within industry-regulated boundaries.

The Society urges all participants and organizations in the Standardbred industry to familiarize themselves with the contents of the amended bill, (Amended HISA Bill SR4547) and support this groundbreaking legislation.

There is an opening to be part of a solution that will allow harness racing to be treated fairly and be the best that it can be as we move forward.


John Campbell
President & Chief Executive Officer

Jim Simpson
Chairman of the Executive Committee

The Hambletonian Society Executive Committee
Frank Antonacci
Thomas A. Charters
E.T. Gerry Jr.
Ted Gewertz
Fred W. Hertrich III
Charles E. Keller III
Michael G. Kimelman
Seth Rosenfeld
George I. Segal

The full board of the Hambletonian Society, Inc. can be found here: Hambletonian Society Board

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