Tioga Late Closer payments due April 15

by Dustin Ross, for Tioga Downs

Nichols, NY — Payments are due on April 15 for Tioga Downs Late Closers and the one remaining early closer shared with Vernon Downs, the Kindergarten Classic.

Tioga’s Late Closers will offer 11 events in 2007.

There are four events for 3-year-olds (separated by gait & sex). Each 3-year-old event will consist of three $6,000 legs and an estimated $20,000 final. The events are for horses that are non winners of 2 pari-mutuel races and/or $20,000 lifetime through and including April 15. Winners over $50,000 lifetime are not eligible.

There are four events for horses & mares of all-ages (also separated by gait & sex), which consist of three $8,500 legs and an estimated $30,000 final. The four events carry a condition of non winners of 5 pari-mutuel races and/or $125,000 lifetime through and including April 15.

Rounding out the 2007 late Closing events are three claiming series. Each event will have three legs and a final. Two series for pacers are offered, the first being a $5,000 claiming event that goes for $4,500 a leg and an estimated $12,500 final, and the second event, a $15,000 claiming series, which goes for $9,000 a leg with an estimated $22,500 final. A $7,500 claiming trot will round out the claiming series. It will feature $6,000 legs with an estimated $14,000 final.

The Kindergarten Classic, an open event for 2-year-olds with separate divisions for colts & fillies of each gait, also has an April 15 deadline. The series was a big success in 2006, and returns in 2007 with six $10,000 legs and an estimated $85,000 final. A nomination fee of $750 will secure you a spot in the event. The nominee also will pay $250 for each leg they start in, due upon the declaration to the event.

A Tioga Downs Late Closing event, not due in April, is generating a lot of buzz. The Rags to Riches series, a $10,000 claiming event for pacers, features an NCAA style format where roughly half of the starters are eliminated each week, meaning only the top finishers will survive. The series boasts three legs escalating in purses each week and a final that goes for an estimated $100,000.

The only requirement for a horse to be eligible is that the horse starts for a base claiming price of $10,000 or less between April 15, 2007 and May 27, 2007. A nomination fee of $550 is due May 15th, with a starting fee of $550 due upon declaration into the event (first leg only).

All information for the closing events can be found on the racing pages at www.tiogadowns.com, or www.vernondowns.com. You can also call Tioga’s race office at (607) 699-7688, or Vernon’s race office at (315) 829-2201, extension 3225.

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