Update on 2021 RUS New York Fair Series

Milford, NY — Typically we would have a race schedule and conditions out for the RUS New York Fair Series by now.

The good news is we will be racing again this year after having a year hiatus because of the pandemic. The bad news is we are still waiting on the harness racing schedule to be able to finalize our race schedule. Scheduling racing at the fairs has been held up because of COVID-19 guidelines and many unforeseen unknowns.

We have had many fairs reach out to us in hopes of including us in their racing program and we are hoping to fit in as many as we can without having back-to-back races and most likely no races within the same week as we do not have enough riders or horses to commit to that.

Some county fairs will be hosting races during the week they have a fair while others will not. We will post dates and conditions as soon as we know more.

This will mark the seventh RUS New York Fair Series. RUS New York highly relies on sponsorship funds to be a success and the group is still looking for potential sponsors. For as little as $200, sponsors will be put in all forms of promotion that we do for the season. This includes being featured in all fair race programs and much more. The earlier one gets on board, the more exposure one will receive.

For more information, visit http://rus-newyork.com/become-a-sponsor/ or contact our Sponsorship Director and President Cathy Gearwar at fourgears@shoreham.net or by phone at 802.537.2145.

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