Use MyAccount to check status of paperwork submitted to USTA

Columbus, OH – With the end of the year coming up and deadlines looming, the USTA would like to remind its members of the multiple ways to check on the status of your foal registrations, and other documents, that were sent to the USTA.

When logging in to your USTA MyAccount, the homepage has a “Work in Progress” section. This will list any paperwork that has been submitted and worked up at the USTA office but is still pending. A notice would have been sent to the email address on file about what those needed requirements are. If a foal registration is listed in your “Work in Progress” click on the “Broodmare Activity” link in your ‘My Horses’ section to verify that your mating certificate has been received at the USTA, either by the stallion owner releasing it electronically, or mailing it in to the USTA offices.

Check on foal registration or ownership transfer paperwork you submitted to the USTA. Double-check that it was completed by clicking on the “Currently Owned” link in the ‘My Horses’ section of the USTA MyAccount homepage.

If the paperwork you submitted was a foal registration or ownership transfer, you can double-check that it was completed by clicking on the “Currently Owned” link in your ‘My Horses’ section of your USTA MyAccount homepage (the “Currently Owned” section will list horses owned by you as an individual or a farm name that you are associated with). There you can sort your horses alphabetically, by foal year or by dam name by clicking on the column headers. Unnamed foals will be first alphabetically as they are listed as the “20xx foal of <dam name>”. This is also where you can check if your name choice was approved.

If you do not see the horse in question in your “Currently Owned” nor listed in the “Work in Progress” box, please double check that your credit card was charged or your check cashed. If it was, we have the paperwork in the office but have not had a chance to work it up yet. With the holidays and December 31 deadlines fast approaching, the mail volume has increased considerably and turnaround time has been slightly affected. We appreciate your patience at this time of year.

If you have any questions about setting up a USTA MyAccount or how to navigate the screens once logged in, contact Member Services at 877.800.8782.

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