Winner Circle Training Center 2-year-olds in training

Ashville, OH — Here is the Winner Circle Training Center roster for 2022 2-year-olds in training.

Winner Circle is located just south of Columbus, Ohio.

Virgil Morgan Jr. Stables
Trainer: Virgil Morgan Jr.

Odds On Red Dragon, 2FP, Fear The Dragon-Sectionline Yankee
Odds On Red Zone, 2FP, Lazarus N-Advantest
Odds On Seaside, 2FP, Downbytheseaside–Odds On Lassomyhrt
Odds On Bootleg, 2FP, Stay Hungry–RockNRoll Wishes
Odds On Sauvecito, 2FP, Captaintreacherous–World Of Rock
Odds On Swing Pass, 2FP, Sweet Lou–Warrawee Sunshine
Odds On Check Down, 2FP, Always B Miki–Benear
Prosecco Princess, 2FP, Captaintreacherous–Sakura Hanover
Elusive Beauty, 2FP, Downbytheseaside–Swinging Beauty
What Price Glory, 2FP, Stay Hungry–Ideal Helen
Hello Happiness, 2FP, Downbytheseaside-Bettor Think Twice
Fiesta Island, 2FP, Heston Blue Chip–Canary Island
Seaside Party, 2FP, Downbytheseaside–Marty Party Two
Chanel Hill, 2FP, Racing Hill–Look Cheap
LA Hill, 2FP, Racing Hill–Pretty Katherine
Tide Has Turned, 2CP, Downbytheseaside–Crying Game
Ruff Rock, 2CP, Pet Rock–Loreenas Ruffian
Rookie Hill, 2CP, Racing Hill–Beyonce Blue Chip
Flirt Hill, 2FT, What The Hill–Frosty Flirt
Lash High, 2CT, What The Hill–Tori Ann
Action JBS, 2FT, What The Hill–Action Broadway
Top Seven, 2CT, What The Hill-Consolidator

Danny Collins Stable
Trainer: Danny Collins

My Man Peter, 2TC, Uncle Peter–Trot To The Macs
Mister Lewis, 2CT, Enterprise–Anklets Aweigh
Lady Lula, 2FT, Creatine–Sorbet Hall
Pink Pandemic, 2FP, Fear The Dragon–All Pink

Zach Mogan Stable
Trainer: Zach Mogan

Hills of Pearl 2CT, What The Hill–Caviar And Pearls

Dustin Arledge Stable
Trainer: Dustin Arledge

Lookin At Bikinis, 2CP, McArdle–Sea Cruise Hanover
Coronas At Nite, 2FP, Downbytheseaside–You Thrill Me
Sinbuster Six, 2CP, Fear The Dragon–We Adore Thee
Vintage Crunch, 2CP, Western Vintage–Sneacret Hanover
Resurrection Dawn, 2FP, Fear The Dragon–Real Parmesan
Bounding Roan, 2FP, Bigrisk–Bound To Be Good
Uncle Peters Crew, 2CT, Uncle Peter–B V’s Sister
Western Pandemic, 2CP, Western Terror–Sarah’s Symphony
Carmen N The Devil, 2FP, Well Said–McDance Desire

Jim Arledge Jr Stable
Trainer: Jim Arledge Jr.

Wiggle It Till Dawn – 2CP, Mr. Wiggles-Lullaby Til Dawn
All I Could Afford – 2FT, What The Hill-Senia Hanover
I Fear Nothing – 2CP, Fear The Dragon-Cheery
Midnightrhondavous – 2FP, Woodstock-Don’tmesswithannie
Celebrate Me Home -2FP, Racing Hill-Yankee Celebration
Rose Run Yancee – 2FT, Uncle Peter– Rose Run Timeless
Heartthrob Alert – 2CP, Western Vintage – Bell Flower
Sand Barron – 2CT, Creatine – Sand Will To Wynn
Summa Beach – 2FP, Fear The Dragon – Beach Club
Swift Justice T – 2CT, Devious Man – Canadian Justice
Ann E Prise – 2FT, Enterprise – Ann-E Oaks
Sand Eclipse – 2CT, Enterprise – Sand Violent Blu
Light’n N A Bottle, 2CT, What The Hill – Lightning Flower
Sand Summit – 2CP, Western Vintage – Sand Windsor

Sandy Beatty Jr. Stable 
Trainer: Sandy Beatty

White Diamoness – 2FT, Long Tom – Mariko Hanover
Hill Right – 2FT, What The Hill – Espresso Jo
Send Rip – 2CT, Triumphant Caviar – Carrie The Torch
Comcombre – 2CT, Southwind Pepino – Keep Me In Mind
Classy Winner – 2CT, Nothing But Class – Herbedaone
Try Me – 2CT, Muscle Up The Goal – Tymal Tessa
Principal John – 2CT, Enterprise – Ms Lady Annabell
JL’s Rock Star – 2CP, Pet Rock – JL’s Red Star

Jack Fisher Stable
Trainer: Jack Fisher

Somwherunderheavn – 2FP, Nob Hill High – Black Brinny
Stone Vision – 2CP, Western Terror – Stonebridge Vision
Navy Babe – 2FP, Fear The Dragon – Save Your Best

Ned Hodkinson Stable
Trainer: Ned Hodkinson

Altar Boy – 2CP, Lazarus N – Manastirka
Rockin Lazarus – 2FP, Lazarus N – Rockin D

Scott Mogan Stable
Trainer: Scott Mogan

Cruisin Flower – 2FP, Yankee Cruiser – Friskie Flower
LT Beacon – 2CT, Long Tom – Fog Warning
Broadway Hill Anna – 2FT, What The Hill – Broadway Photo
Wild Bill Hiccup – 2CT, Uncle Peter – Designated Driver
Midwind Lady – 2FT, What The Hill – One Sharp Lady
Heart O Peter – 2CT, Uncle Peter – Peg O My Heart
Vintage Dracula – 2CP, Western Vintage – Alcula Hanover
Team Bravo – 2CT, Uncle Peter – I Like Purple
Last Shock – 2CP, Racing Hill – She’s Shocking
Acupcakecreation – 2FT, Creatine – ML Cupcake
Cassariano – 2FT, What The Hill – Sweet Street
Entered To Win – 2CT, Enterprise – Flawless Beauty

Galliers Racing
Trainer: Brady Galliers

Primary Driver – 2CP, Fear The Dragon – Student Driver

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