ID Technician at Tattersalls Winter Mixed Sale

Columbus, OH — USTA ID Technician, Jim Shupe will be available to microchip horses purchased at the Tattersalls Sale on Monday (Jan. 20) at The Meadowlands.  Get your horse microchipped before it even leaves the sale for a discounted rate of $30. As a reminder, all racehorses must be microchipped by January 1, 2021.

Arrangements can be made with Jim by calling 609.517.1170.

Don’t forget, this sale participates in the USTA eSales program. This means whether you’re a buyer or a seller you can take advantage of the streamlined process. As a seller, you can sign off on your horses by visiting the ‘Work In Progress’ section of your USTA MyAccount. As a buyer, once your horse is purchased you can email or fax your completed transfer receipt, given to you in the buyer’s packet, to the USTA to initiate the transfer of ownership. Once payment is satisfied, the Sales Company will release the hold, the transfer will be completed, and you can drop in the box!

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