Is Belina Josselyn coming back into form?

The French “Ballerina,” Belina Josselyn, who last year won the Prix d’Amerique, will have her last prep race Sunday afternoon (Jan. 12) at Vincennes in the Prix de Belgique.

Prix de Belgique is the last of the four B-races (Prix de Bretagne, Bourbonnais and Bourgogne) leading up to the Prix d’Amerique.

So far, Belina Josselyn has been very anonymous in the three other B-races, where she had finished unplaced in all of them.

“She trains fine and she should have a great race Sunday,” said her trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire.

While Belina Josselyn has been racing with all four shoes in the other B-races, she will race without hind shoes tomorrow and Bazire hopes that it will trick the chestnut mare to sparkle.

Fifteen trotters have been entered in the Prix de Belgique, which is raced over  1-3/4 miles and has a total purse of 110.000 Euro.

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