Linda Myers celebrates 25 years at Historic Track

Goshen, NY — “It certainly was a surprise, and a really nice one,” Linda Myers said after being honored a few days ago at Goshen Historic Track for 25 years of dedicated service to the Board of Directors. “In retrospect it all went so fast; too fast, but I loved every minute of it,”

Myers began her tenure at the National Historic Landmark in 1995 when Dick Wallace was the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“Dick was a wonderful man and a pleasure to work for. And so was Vince Brescia, another longtime Chairman of the Board. Actually, all the Board presidents and Board members were, and are, dedicated and work tirelessly for the preservation of Historic Track,” Myers added.

Since her tenure at GHT there have been four chairmen and three presidents of the Board and Myers has also worked with five track managers.

“And since I’ve been here I’ve seen four Presidents of the US in office,” Myers said with a smile.

Over the years she has had six different office assistants ”and I loved them all,” she added.

A longtime devoted employee at the National Historic Landmark and Cradle of the Trotter her dedication was honored in 2012 when the Monticello-Goshen Chapter of the U.S. Harness Writers Association honored her as the recipient of their prestigious Amy Bull Crist Award.

“Thank you so much for helping to make my 25th anniversary here at the track so memorable. The floral arrangement is beautiful and the cake was delicious. I appreciate your thoughtfulness,” Myers said the afternoon of the presentation to her by attending Board members.

Linda and her husband, Gene, live in nearby Circleville, N.Y.

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